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Tools Teach: An Iconography of American Hand Tools

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Part 1. Introduction to the website

Overview and Missions
Hand Tools in History summary

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Part 2. Tools Teach: An Iconography of American Hand Tools (compressed .pdf)

Hard copy table of contents:


Part I: Simple Machines and their Metallurgy
    Simple Machines: An Overview
    The Identification of Hand Tools and their Use
    The Ferrous Metallurgy of Early American Trades
       Early Forges and Furnaces
        Iron-Making Techniques
        The Indirect Process of Iron-Making
        The Puzzle of Natural Steel
        The Ironworks at Taunton, Pembroke, Middleboro, Litchfield, etc.
        Imported Hand Tools

Part II: The Toolkits of early American Trades
   Diderot's Encyclopedia
   The Forge-Master and his Progeny
   The Toolkits of Multitasking Blacksmiths
        Anvils and Swage Blocks
        Leg Vises
        Measuring Tools
        Shaping Tools
        Files and Rasps
   Specialized Trades of the Ironmonger
        The Shipsmith
        The Anchorsmith
        The Nail-Maker
        The Founder
        The Gunsmith
        The Whitesmith (Tinsmith)
        The Farrier
        The Edge Toolmaker
        The Hammersmith
        The Silversmith and Jeweler
   Woodworking Tools
        Group 1: Felling and Hewing Tools
        Group 2: Shaping, Mortising, and Notching Tools
        Group 3: Boring Tools
        Group 4: Planes
        Group 5: Measuring Tools
        Group 6: Specialized Woodworking Trades
        Tools of the Woodworker by Trade
        (linked content from sections are online only)

        Cabinetmaker and Joiner

     Other early American Trades
Agricultural Tools
Fishing Tools: Mackerel plow, eel spear, whaling spears
Domestic Tools

Part III: Hand Tools of the Industrial Revolution

   The Industrial Revolution: The First 100 Years
   The English Industrial Revolutionaries
   The Early Years of Prosperity and Change
   The Coming of the Steam Hammer
   American Cast Steel and the End of the Iron Age
   Early American Industrial Transition
   The Stanley Tool Company: A Paradigm
   The Classic Period of American Toolmaking
   The Tools That Built Machines
   Machines and Prime Movers
      Machinists' Tools
   The Tools that Operated and Repaired Machines
   Tools Manufactured by Machinery
      Woodworking Tools
   Specialized Trades of the Industrial Revolution
      Other Factory-Made Tools
   Tools as Sculpture Objects
      Appendix 1: Plates from Diderot
      Appendix 2: Roger Majorowicz Ax Collection (available online and in print)
      Appendix 3: Steelmaking Techniques, Terminology, and Composition
         Carbon Content of Ferrous Metals
         A Guide to the Metallurgy of the Edge Tools at the Davistown Museum
         Edge Toolmaking Techniques 1900 BC - 1930 AD
         Classification for Metals and Alloys
         Compositions of AISI-SAE Standard Carbon Steels
         Classification for Carbon and Alloy Steels
         Classification of Tool Steels

(End of Tools Teach hard copy table of contents)

Part 4. Tools Teach: Volume 14 of the Davistown Museum publication series

Part 5. Appendices:

     Hand Tools in History Publications Index

Part 6. The Archaeology of Tools on the Davistown Museum website

Part 7. eStores and Store Photo Tours

Part 8. Links to other information sources (from

Part 9. Roger Majorowicz's Axe Collection Illustrations