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Tools Teach Publication

Hand Tools in History Series

The Archaeology of Tools

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Phenomenology of Tools

Tools Teach: An Iconography of American Hand Tools

The Tools Teach: An Iconography of American Hand Tools website has been created to consolidate informatin pertaining to the history of hand tools from the Davistown Museum's website in an easy to access format. The Table of Contents is a guide to the different parts of the website. The Tools Teach Publication section contains the actual text. This text will be updated and expanded as new tools are located that we would like to illustrate in future editions. The Hand Tools in History Series section summarizes the other texts in the series.

The Archaelogy of Tools section consists of a link to the museum’s tool collections, which are republished as the Archeology of Tools in the museums Hand Tools in History series. The Phenomenology of Tools section contains an introduction to the Phenomenology of Tools: Philosophical Observations on the Nature of Tool Wielding and an update on the Phenomenology of Biocatastrophe series. The Online Stores section contains links to the Liberty Tool Co - Davistown Museum’s e-Stores, and to all the store photo tours. Extensive links to other tool information sources comprise the last section of this website.

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